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Product specification
All of our films are
DMSO resistant

Application advised
Depending on the preparation
covering plates for freezing
pipetting: the flexible film cleans the outer surface of the tip, than lids the sample
for incubation , transportation or freezing:
the self-adhesive is printed on the film. No self-adhesive material is over the wells
the contamination or adsorbtion of the sample by the adhesive can be avoided

Technical data
feedstock: Polypropylene
size: 80 mm x 140 mm

Cat. No Product Advised to use

DTT 01 02

transparent, to cover plates (140 x 80 mm) from -40°C


DTT 01 03

cross-cut over the wells, to clean the outer surface
of the tip

pipetting with robot

DTT 01 04

in roll of 100 m to cover 1200 plates

to cover

DTT 01 03P

cross-cut over the wells with alphanumeric position