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Special properties
the tubes are securely positioned in the rack
positive rings in the lid covering the tubes prevent cross contamination
the bottom easy removable to put it water baths
a robotic arm can easily remove and replace the lid
the racks are designed to be easily and securely stackable

Application advised
liquid libraries
storage of deep frozen biological samples (serum, samples for virology, DNA, ect)
serial dilution of samples
high throughput screening applications

Product specification

available in strips of 12 and strips of 8
autoclavable up to 121C
tubes can be ordered without rack as refill

8 x 12 configuration make possible the 8/12/96 robotic work
alphanumeric references, nonreversible

Technical data
feedstock of tubes: Polypropylene (PP)
volume of tubes: 1,1 ml
feedstock of rack: Polypropylene
manufacturing: hygienic
other: gamma irradiation possible
. autoclavable up to 121C
PP 04 02
rack with lid
PP 04 021
rack without lid
PP 04 02 12
rack with lid, filledwithtubesinstripsof12
PP 04 02 08
rack with lid, filledwithtubesinstripsof8
PP 04 01 12
microtubes in strips of 12 (960 tubes for 10 racks)
PP 04 01 08
microtubes in strips of 8 (960 tubes for 10 racks)
PP 04 01 01
single tubes (1000 /bag)
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