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Manufacturing: hygienic
Available in gamma sterilized form (S)

Material: Polypropylene (PP) or Polystyrene (PS)
Volume: 3,5 ml
Available in strips of 6 (8/rack) or single tubes (48/rack)
Autoclavable up to 121C
Tubes can be ordered without rack as refill

Built-in plugs in the lid for sealing the tubes to prevent cross contamination
Standard plate size, also suitable for liquid handling robots
Suitable to keep any O 9-12 mm tubes
The flexible spikes of the holes can hold the different diameter tubes even upside down with no lid
Secure lock for the lid
Bottomless system for quick cooling and water baths
The racks are designed to be easily and securely stackable
Alphanumeric references
One way turn of lid
Material: ABS stand with polypropylene lid
The tubes are securely positioned in the rack
Autoclavable up to 121C
Also available with numerated cryo-tubes

Recommended applications
Liquid library applications
Storage of deep frozen biological samples (serum, samples for virology, DNA, ect)
Mother plate - Daughter plate applications
HTS and other biotechnology applications
PA48R rack without lid for 48 pcs tubes
PA48RL rack with lid for 48 pcs tubes
PA48RL-PP06N rack with lid, filled with polypropylene tubes in strips with autoplug lid (48 x 3,5ml)
PA48RL-PS06N rack with lid, filled with polystyrene tubes in strips with autoplug lid (48 x 3,5ml)
PA48-PP01N single polypropylene tubes (480 tubes for 10 racks)
PA48-PS01N single polystyrene tubes (480 tubes for 10 racks)
PA48-PP06N polypropylene tubes in strips of 6 (480 tubes for 10 racks)
PA48RL-PP1101x rack with lid, filled with 48 numerated cryotubes
PA48RL-PP1102x rack with lid, filled with 48 linked hood cryotubes
Self-Adhesive Labels on A4 sheet (freezable)
Self-Adhesive Cover Films


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