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Protein binding test results

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Product specification
separable well by well
flat shape

Treatment possibilities:

- gamma irradiation for sterilsation
- special tratment method for ELISA kits or Cellculture plates

Special product "TOMTEC Calibsorp":

A special technology has been developed by our company. to grow the hydrophobic adsorbtion capacity of polystyrene plates in regulated measure.
Tthe user can choose the suitable treated plate which is the best for his/her special application instead of using one of the two type of treated plate (maxisorp or midisorp).

We offer a series of them
- Midisorp M1, M2, M3, M4,...
- Higher degree X1,..., X20
- Maxisorp XX1505,...X20nn

We offer trial set of plates as to help the choice. After draft choice we can offer further samples to help your final choice preferable for your application

Application advised:
with polystirene wells

in diagnostics
to make ELISA kits
in Luminometry (with white frame)
in Fluorometry (with black frame)
the light-impermeable sidewall prevents light from scattering into the adjacent detector

with polypropylene wells
for liquid libraries

Technical data
well feedstock: Polystyrene (PS) or Polypropylene
grid feedstock: ABS, with white or black ABS color master mixture
manufacturing: hygienic
other: gamma irradiation possible




PS0631 transparent, in white frame
PS0631* transparent, in white frame irradiated

New product
in 2010


transparent, in white frame Treated by "TOMTEC method"
for hydrophobic ELISA

transparent, in white frame Treated by "TOMTEC method"
for hydrophil ELISA
PS0632 transparent, in black frame
PS0632* transparent, in black frame irradiated
PS0633 black strips in black frame
PS0633* black strips in black frame irradiated
PS0636 white strip in white frame


PP0631 transparent in white frame
PP0632 transparent in black frame
PP0631* transparent in white frame irradiated
PP0632* ransparent in black frame irradiated
PP0633 Light-protective tubes in black frame
PP0633* Light-protective tubes in black frame, irradiated