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Comparative measurements of protein binding capacity
on TOMTEC és NUNC plates

Fehér Liliána and Puskás László - AVIDIN Kft

We made comparative measurements of 6 different version of treated TOMTEC plates, and NUNC maxisorp.
We used flourescently marked Avidin (FITC-Extr AvidinR - SIGMA) 
The results are presented in Figure 1 The walues were calculated from
the average of 16 measured points.

The results show, that all of the TOMTEC plates exceed the NUNC one in protein connecting binding capacity.
On all of the black side-wall versions (B)  we could measure more than double binding capacity, than on the NUNC one.
The white side-wall versions (W) have also higher binding capacity, than the NUNC one.
As a conclusion we can establish, that the TOMTEC plates have higher protein binding capacity and convenient to create ELISA systems

Figure 1. comparativ measurements of protein binding capacity on different plates



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